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Dual enrollment admissions

How old do I have to be to take classes at GCC?

Students of all ages are welcome to take courses at Greenfield Community College. There are a small number of courses with minimum age restrictions. These restrictions are outlined clearly in the course descriptions found in GCC’s course catalog.

What is dual enrollment?

GCC’s dual enrollment program allows motivated high school or home school students to earn college credit before graduating from high school. Interested students should work with the GCC Office of Admission as well as with their high school guidance office or homeschool official to determine if dual enrollment is right for them.

Any qualified student may take classes at Greenfield Community College as long as they meet the specific class requirements—which may be mean passing a placement test, prior completion of specific college-level courses, or performance on AP exams.

Can a campus tour count as an info session?

No. Information sessions take place either at the student’s high school or on the GCC campus to provide students and families with an overview of the Dual Enrollment Program. Students will have the chance to tour the main campus during their New Student Orientation.

What courses can I take if I am still in high school or am home schooled?

GCC wants you to be successful in your academic pursuits. Class selection is determined through a conversation with the student, his or her parent or legal guardian, and the high school guidance counselor or home school official. GCC does require every student to have the prerequisite course work or test scores needed for the individual course he or she wishes to take. These prerequisites are outline in the course descriptions in GCC’s course catalog and will be discussed with your Dual Enrollment Advisor.

Will I get college credit for the courses that I take?

High school students will receive college credit for courses taken at GCC and will develop a college transcript. This means that your grades matter and these courses are part of your permanent academic record at the College. If you decide that you want to continue your education at GCC after graduation, your coursework in which you have achieved a passing grade will automatically be applied. You don’t retake those courses.

Will the classes I take at GCC transfer to another college or university?

Many or our dual enrollment students transfer some or all of their GCC courses to another college or university. However, it is always at the discretion of the college or university where you transfer to decide whether or not your credits will be acceptable.

Will the classes I take be applied toward my high school or home school graduation requirements?

Possibly. This decision is always made by the appropriate official at your high school or home school.

If I am a dual enrollment student, are my classes free?

Dual enrollment students are billed at the same rate as all other students. In addition, dual enrollment students are not eligible for federal financial aid. At times there are funding opportunities for students to apply for – just ask the Office of Admission or your Dual Enrollment Advisor.

How do I go about being admitted to GCC as a dual enrollment student?

  • Discuss the possibility of taking courses with your parent/legal guardian and your high school or home school official.
  • Complete a Dual Enrollment Application.
  • If you are planning to participate in athletics while taking courses at GCC, you will receive a Massachusetts Interscholastic Athletic Association (MIAA) waiver at your mailing address. You must complete this form and return it to the Office of Admission before your application is considered complete.
  • Call the Testing Center at GCC and make an appointment to take placement tests in reading, sentence skills and math. Detailed information about these tests can be found at
  • Providing you have met the prerequisites to take the course(s) you have chosen, contact the Academic Advising Center to make an appointment to register for courses. New student registration dates are found on the College’s academic calendar and are posted on the GCC website.  In general, registration for the Summer and Fall terms will open in mid-April and in mid-November for the Spring term.

How is the Early Transitions Program (ETP) different from dual enrollment, and am I eligible?

ETP is a special program available only to Greenfield High School and Turners Falls High School. Students must meet certain eligibility requirements. Please contact Tamatha Gaumnitz at for more information.