Returning students

Welcome back! You are considered a returning student if you have previously attended GCC in a degree or certificate program and have had a break in attendance of at least one semester and/or need to apply for financial aid

If you’ve been away from GCC for one semester or more, you will need to re-apply to the College. You may also need to complete placement testing again, depending on how long your break in attendance has been.

The application process


Apply online! Note that admission to some of our programs requires a special admission process. You will need to submit a separate application in addition to the regular GCC application (complete the GCC application first) if you are applying to any of the following:

If you are accepted to GCC, you will receive both an acceptance notification by email and acceptance packet by mail within a few days.

Determine Course Placement

Aptitude tests in math and English are required so that we can place you in appropriate classes. Returning students may need to re-take placement tests depending on how long the break in attendance has been. Once you’re accepted, schedule an appointment for your College Placement Tests (CPTs) in our Testing Center.

Financial Aid

Visit the Financial Aid Office for help completing your FAFSA and applying for financial aid. Early entrant and international students are not eligible for federal financial aid. 


  • If you are applying to one of our health career programs, special health forms must be submitted to complete your application.
  • Some of our programs require a CORI check; if you received a CORI form in your acceptance packet, this must be completed and returned.
  • High school and home schools students should review required Early Entrant forms.
  • All full-time students (enrolled in 12 or more credits) and all full-time and part-time international students are required to submit an Immunization Form within 30 days of enrollment.

Questions about the Admissions process? We’re here to help!  Email the Admissions team