Multiple Measures of Placement into English and Mathematics

At GCC we use multiple measures to determine which English and Math courses you should take. Many students take the Accuplacer tests, but there are other ways to determine placement. By submitting official documentation from the lists below to the Office of Admission, you may be able to enroll directly into college-level English and Math courses without completing placement tests or developmental-level pre-requisites first. Discuss your options with an advisor through the Advising Center before you make an appointment to take a placement test or register for classes. 

Please note: If you have taken the Accuplacer test elsewhere, please have the school where you took the test send us your test scores so we can determine if you need additional testing. (English classes/Accuplacer scores are good forever. Math Accuplacer scores are only valid for 5 years).

Ways to determine ENGLISH placement:

Ways to determine MATH Placement: