Credit for Prior Learning

Students matriculated into a degree program and enrolled in classes may petition for Credit for Prior Learning. The necessary Petition for Credit for Prior Learning form can be found in the forms section of the Registrar’s website. In order to receive credits for prior learning the student submits the form along with documentation to support the petition to the transcript evaluator. Documentation must include a written statement describing how the student's personal experience relates to the requested course. Documentation may also include information from former employers and/or agencies about certifications and training. There is a $50 per credit portfolio assessment fee that must be paid before any documentation will be evaluated.

Once received the transcript evaluator will forward to the appropriate Department Chair/Program Coordinator for review. The student may be called in for a meeting to discuss the request and/or for additional documentation. The Department Chair/Program Coordinator will review the petition either accepting or denying the request for credit for prior learning and return the application packet to the transcript evaluator.  Any credit given will be added to the student's academic record and the student will be notified. All documentation will be kept in the student's file in Enrollment Services.

Request a preliminary review of your eligible credit at