Non-Matriculated Students

A non-matriculated student is one who wants to enroll in classes at GCC for credit but does not plan to complete a degree program or certificate at GCC or receive financial aid.

A non-matriculated student is a student who enrolls in one or more credit classes at GCC but does not plan to complete a degree program or certificate at GCC. Non-matriculated students are not eligible to receive financial aid from GCC. Non-matriculated students often enroll in GCC classes for January Intersession, Summer Session I or II.

Examples of non-matriculated students include:

  • students who are enrolled in degree programs at other colleges or universities and take classes at GCC over January Intersession or during the summer sessions
  • students who take college classes while still in high school (note: these students must enroll through the dual enrollment process)
  • students who take classes for on-the-job professional development
  • students who take credit courses for personal enrichment.

If you plan to complete a degree or certificate program at GCC and/or apply for financial aid, you must matriculate by applying to the college as a new, returning, transfer or international student.

How to enroll as a non-matriculated student:

  1. Complete the online Guest Student registration request form (
    If a course requires proof of prerequisites, please upload a copy of student's college transcript (official or unofficial) after completing the form.
  2. An advisor from the Advising Center will review the registration form and check that prerequisites have been met through placement testing or transcript submission. If prerequisites are not met, students will not be registered for the class/es and will receive an email from an advisor.
  3. New students will receive an email from GCC asking the student to verify their personal email address. Once verified, two additional emails will be sent to that address. One will have login credentials and the second will have an initial temporary password.
  4. Once class registrations are processed, the student bill is available online via the student portal, MyGCC.

Special note regarding students who are auditing: you must check the box for auditing on the registration form. Classes taken for audit must also meet prerequisites.