Setting up an authorized payer

If someone else pays your bill, you can set up a one-time authorization allowing us to provide your account balance in order for that individual to pay what you owe by the due date.  NOTE: This authorization only serves to allow the Authorized Payer to make online payments on your behalf. If you wish to authorize the GCC Student Billing and Financial Aid Offices to discuss any other financial matters related to your account, you must complete the brief online Financial Aid & Billing Information Release Form.

Once you set up the Authorized Payer via your “MyGCC” account, an email notification will be sent to you, the Authorized Payer, and the GCC Student Billing Office. The email message will serve as confirmation and it will also provide helpful links on all topics related to your tuition and fee bill, including: a direct link to make an online payment, Student Health Insurance waiver, 4-month payment plan information, our refund policy, and explanation of most common charges shown on your bill.

In addition to the helpful links, the email message will include your name and student ID number which the Authorized Payer must enter when making online payments.

NOTE: You must login to your “MyGCC” account and obtain your latest billing statement to provide to whomever is paying your bill. The Authorized Payer must have your bill with them when paying. See “Accessing your bill online” below.

To set up an authorized payer do the following:

  1. Log into your MyGCC account. (If necessary, get help with your MyGCC login and password.)
  2. Place your cursor over “My Account”
  3. Click “Account summary by term/pay your bill” located under the “Billing” menu.
  4. At the “Account summary by term” page, click the blue “Add a payer” button and complete the brief form.
  5. Click the “Submit” button. An email confirmation message will be sent to the Authorized Payer with payment instructions.

Remember, you must provide your most recent billing statement to any authorized payer who will make payments on your behalf.

Accessing your bill online

Each time an electronic bill (e-bill) is available for you to view and print online, an email message will be sent to your GCC student e-mail account as well as any active personal e-mail accounts we have on file. Upon receipt of the email notification, review the helpful links that will assist you in paying your bill. Be sure to remit payment immediately if your account is past due. We urge students to pay online through your “MyGCC” account in order to expedite the payment process.

To access your e-bill online, do the following:

  • Log into your MyGCC account. Get help with your username and password if necessary.
  • Place your cursor over “My Account”
  • Click “View Statement” located under the “Billing” menu.
  • From the dropdwon menu, choose the statement bill date of the statement you wish to view.

If you wish to receive a hardcopy of your bill, you will need to contact the Bursar’s Office upon receiving email notification that your e-bill is available. Send an email request to In the subject line enter: request for bill.

NOTE: Whenever you change your schedule, it will result in adjustments to your charges. Therefore, you will receive a new bill following any changes you make to your class schedule during the allowed time frame. The new bill is due immediately.