Annual Board of Higher Education - Affordability Disclosure Statement

Students who attend Greenfield Community College and other public higher education institutions in Massachusetts receive a substantial subsidy of their cost of education through a state appropriation. The state appropriation lowers the cost of tuition and fees to students. Many students that demonstrate greater need also receive financial aid awards to further reduce their costs.

The annual cost information below is an example of the net cost to a Massachusetts resident taking 30 credit hours per year at Greenfield Community College. Individual costs will vary depending on each student’s particular circumstances.

Full annual operating cost per student (estimate) $30,721
Less: State annual operating subsidy (estimate)   -23,489
Equals: Annual tuition and mandatory fees   $7,232
Less: Student annual financial aid (average)   -3,172
Equals: Net student cost (average)   $4,060
Figures updated 5/3/2024

In addition to the state subsidy and student financial aid, students may also be eligible for federal income tax credits (Hope or Lifetime Learning credit).  Tax credits do not reduce the initial cost to attend college, but are instead a reimbursement of tuition paid. For more information about tax credit eligibility, refer to Internal Revenue Service instructions or ask your tax advisor.

Student annual financial aid includes all federal and state grants and tuition waivers that may be applied directly to the College’s tuition and fees. Tuition and mandatory fees reflect the cost of the courses; it does not include health insurance or other miscellaneous fees.