Form Notes
Academic Equipment Request
Academic Software Request
Additional Compensation Log (DC/PC)
Application for Admission
Banner Role Request Email for your custom link
Billing Worksheet
Building/Room Access Authorization
Business Card Request
Catering Request
Change of Advisor Log into MyGCC to complete
Change of Major Log into MyGCC to complete
Co-Curricular Program Request
Confidentiality Waiver Log into MyGCC to complete
Contract Training Agreement
Course Waiver Request For contract or grant-funded courses or executive course waivers
Curriculum & Academic Policy (CAP) forms Available at the CAP site on Moodle - login required
Credit for Prior Learning
Degree Audits/Degree Requirement Checklists
Driver Authorization Form
Drop a Class Log into MyGCC to complete
Duplicating Request
Employment Status Form
Event Co-Sponsorship Form Please also review facilities rental and use policies
Graduation Review Board forms Available at the CAP site on Moodle - login required
Health Insurance Waiver
Human Resources Forms
Information Technology/IT forms
Institutional Review Board forms
Internship Application/Contract
Internship Evaluation forms
Key Request Form GCC network login required
Key Inventory Form
Liability Waiver
Lost/Misplaced Property Report
Model Release Form
Off-Contract Request for Compensation Form (DC/PC)
Online Course Development Form
Payment Plan Application
Payment voucher, 1-up
Payment voucher, 1-up
For printing one form on a half-sheet; print on pink
Payment voucher, 2-up
Payment voucher, 2-up
For printing two forms on a full sheet; print on pink
Personal Services Contract Replaced by the State Standard Contract Form
Professional Development Request
Publicity/Marketing/Communications Request
Purchase Requisition
Reassigned Time/Workload Reduction Application
Registration Form For non-matriculated students only
Renovation or Change of Use Request
Request for Late Withdrawal Log into MyGCC to complete
Request for Medical Withdrawal Also see the Registrar's FAQ about medical withdrawal
Request for Withdrawal Log into MyGCC to complete
Room Reservations - Employees Log into MyGCC to complete
Room Reservations - Public
Senior Citizen Waiver
Sole Source Justification Form
Special Medical Parking Permit
Standard Contract Form (Commonwealth of Massachusetts)
Stockroom Supply Request
Telework Policy & Application
Time and Effort Form
Time and Effort Form
Also review the Time and Effort Policy
Transcript Evaluation Request
Transcript Request
Transfer Request
Transfer Request
For budget transfers; print on yellow.
Travel Authorization For cash advances & authorization prior to travel; print on yellow. Also review Procedures for Off-Campus Travel
Travel Expense Voucher
Travel Expense Voucher
For documentation and reimbursement of travel expenses. This is a state document; PDF may not print correctly unless you specify "shrink oversized page to fit margins" or "fit to printer margins." Print on blue.
Tuition Waiver Form (In-House) For GCC employees only, for GCC courses only
Tuition Waiver Form (Systemwide) For other state higher education institutions or for spouse or dependents
Tuition Waiver Form (UMass) For employees, spouse or dependents attending UMass-Amherst
Tuition Waiver Form (Veterans)
Vehicle Request Form
Voluntary Student Travel Consent Form Also review Procedures for Off-Campus Travel
Work Order Request Password is workorder