Contract and evaluation forms

Required forms

Students placed in internships and businesses hosting interns are required to sign and abide by our Internship Contract.

Throughout the internship experience, students and businesses are also expected to complete the following forms. At the end of the internship, contracts and evaluations are filed in the internship office as a resource for future internships.

Internship Coordination and Contacts

Internships funded by grants and by generous community donors are coordinated by our Internship Coordinator, who does both internal promotion of internships as part of the all GCC programs and external outreach to employers to broaden the base of internship opportunities. The coordinator helps departments match students to internships, pre-screens students and sends their resumes and cover letters to businesses seeking interns. Once a match is made, the coordinator helps the student with the internship contract and registration.

It is at this point that faculty step in to mentor students and assess the academic merit of their work. Faculty are responsible for entering grades at the end of the internship. While faculty mentors are the primary liaison during the course of an internship, the coordinator may also keep in touch with participating students and businesses and assess how things are going logistically.