Accessing your insurance account

Account setup

At the beginning of each month or as needed throughout the semester, the Student Billing (Bursar’s) Office will remit student payments to the insurance broker and report electronically a listing of all new student enrollees who have paid their insurance charge in full since the previous reporting.  Once the insurance broker receives payment along with the uploaded reporting file, they will process your payment and provide your information to the insurance company.  A  claim number will be assigned to you and an insurance card will be mailed to you.  Within 7-10 business days, you should be able to access online insurance services. An App is now available to download to your phone in order to access your insurance card information. Once you have your insurance card you should be able to begin using your insurance benefit. To access your online insurance services, you must create an account at the insurance broker’s website.

Accessing the insurance website

You must create an account at the insurance broker’s website in order to waive your insurance charge or access membership services once your policy becomes effective.

  1. Go to
  2. Choose your desired option from the menu selections at left

Creating your account

When creating an account, each student is required to provide a unique username and password. In addition, you must be sure to enter all information correctly, including your GCC issued student ID number (be sure to enter all digits, including zeroes). The information you enter is matched to the information provided by GCC from our electronic reporting.  NOTE: In order to access the “My Account” feature, your enrollment information must be received by the insurance broker or the system will be unable to recognize your account authorization information. If you are unable to access “My Account” it is because the insurance broker has not yet received your enrollment information from GCC or it is in queue for processing. To create an account, click the link below:

NOTE: This site is independent of GCC. Therefore, your login for this site is completely unrelated to your GCC account.

Authorize your account

Once you have created your account, you will need to authorize it.  To authorize your account click “Authorize Account” under the “My Account” menu to the left of the screen. Enter your student ID number and date of birth.

If insurance company has no record of you

On occasion, students may have paid their insurance charge but, our next scheduled reporting may be days or even weeks away since we only report once per month or as needed.  In such cases, if you are seeking healthcare treatment and you know your insurance charge has been paid but the insurance company has no record of you, contact the Student Billing Office at 413-775-1301 or to verify that your insurance charge has been paid in full. On a case by case basis, we will consider your emergency. If we determine that your emergency is valid and if your insurance charge has been paid in full, to accommodate your urgent situation, we will set up an account for you with the insurance broker in order to expedite any claims. Please use this option sparingly.