Transfer and Alternative Credit Info & Policies

GCC provides students pursuing a degree or certificate multiple opportunities for receiving transfer credit. Students can receive transfer credits from courses taken at other colleges and universities, military experience, credit for prior learning, Advanced Placement tests and CLEP exams. Additionally, GCC provides the opportunity to receive credit by exam for certain courses.

In certain circumstances students may have previously taken a course but the credit has expired. Currency exams are offered for some courses. Information for currency exams can be found here.

To aid in determining what transfer credit you may be eligible for, Massachusetts has created the MA Career Insight website to guide you through a process to determine what types of transfer and prior learning credits you may have. This website can be accessed here. By filling out the MA Career Insight information, GCC will be notified of your experience and will be able to follow up with you.

Specific information for each type of transfer credit that GCC offers can be found by clicking on the appropriate title below.

Credits from previous colleges or universities
Military experience
Advanced Placement
CLEP exams
Credit for prior learning
Credit by Exam

For information on Massachusetts Community Colleges Common Transfer Principles go here.