Credit from Previous Colleges or Universities

Students applying for admission to GCC who have attended other post-secondary institutions must submit official transcripts from those institutions to Enrollment Services for review by the Office of Admission. Official transcripts are required if a student:

  1. needs documentation of appropriate previous successful college course work for exemption from placement testing, or
  2. intends to transfer credit toward a degree or certificate at GCC, or
  3. expects to enter some of GCC's health occupations programs.

Official copies of transcripts should be mailed to:
Greenfield Community College
attn: Office of Admission
One College Dr.
Greenfield, MA 01301

If submitting electronic transcripts please use as the email address to receive the transcripts.

Transfer credit is generally given for those courses that are similar in content, level and scope to courses offered at Greenfield Community College, at least a C- grade has been earned, and the course is necessary for the current major. Students must earn a minimum of 25% of the semester hours required for the degree at GCC to be eligible to receive an associate's degree. For certificates at least 50% of the credit hours for the certificate must be GCC courses including at least three courses and 9 credits used to fulfill the requirements. Once transcripts have been received by GCC from another college, they are the property of GCC. Originals and copies cannot be given back to students. Transfer credit is only given for students who are matriculated into a degree or certificate program.

After an official transcript is received, it will be evaluated for eligible credits. Awarded courses will be added to the student's record and show that credits were earned. An email will be sent to the student notifying them that credits have or have not been awarded. Students are encouraged to use their MyGCC to review the courses that were and were not credited towards a particular degree requirement. If a student believes that more credit should be awarded or there are questions they may request a review of transfer credit. Additionally, if a student changes majors while at GCC, they should ask that their transcript be reviewed again as more transfer credits may be awarded towards the new degree. Students may request a review of transcript credit here.

Note: there are stricter standards for Criminal Justice programs.