The VALOR Act Academic Credit Evaluation Policy

Greenfield Community College welcomes students with prior military experience. The College recognizes that much of the training and coursework undertaken by military personnel warrants review and potential transfer as academic credit. To that end, we have established the following guidelines.

  • Greenfield Community College will grant academic credit associated with degrees the college offers based on documentation of military occupation, training, experience and coursework.
  • Greenfield Community College awards credit based on documentation presented by the student veteran from the ACE Guide to the evaluation of educational experiences in the Armed Services, CLEP and/or DANTES Subject Standardized Tests as related to courses and programs provided through GCC.
  • Academic credits earned through the evaluation of military occupation, training, experience, and coursework are transferable into GCC and within the public higher education system in accordance with the MassTransfer agreement.
  • The Transfer Credit evaluator is the single point of contact for student veterans to contact for guidance on the VALOR Act Academic Credit evaluation Policy.
  • The Transfer Credit evaluator provides individualized, accurate, and complete guidance with regard to the VALOR Act and the transfer of military credits.