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Agro Forester

Posted on Thursday December 5th 2013

Agro Forester

New England Wild EdiblesColrain, MA

Organically log-grown mushroom farm in Colrain. Gather and inoculate tree limb sized logs.

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Learn about how to set up and manage a shiitake (and other edible mushroom species) farm. Help with early spring inoculation, handling. processing logs and picking mushrooms.

Start date

February 17 2014

End date

April 15 2014

Intern responsibilities

Help with preparation and inoculation of logs, involving selecting and gathering logs and wood chips. Cutting to size for processing. Inoculation (drilling, inoculating, waxing), and labeling inoculated wood and moving wood to “laying area” to allow time for colonization of the wood by the mycelium.

Required intern qualifications

Ability to lift 30-50 pound logs and to work safely with inoculation tools, chainsaw, drill, inoculator etc. Able to come to work on time and on a regular schedule of at least 16 to 24 hours a week during February, March, April inoculation time.

Desired outcomes of internship

Learn about agroforestry and specifically this exciting, sustainable way to grow mushrooms, learn growing techniques, identify tree species. Potential marketing and distribution techniques, also culinary uses of mushrooms.

Compensation: $10/ hour

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