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Resumes & CVs

The goals of resumes and CV’s are very similar: Inspire a hiring manager or committee to invite you to an interview. 

In many respects, the resume is an advertisement about how your qualifications match what is required for specific job and employer.  The primary goal of the resume is to inspire employers to invite you to interview for the position you applied for.



Formatting & Styles

A couple of preliminary precautions/suggestions:

  • Do not use preformatted templates.  Ultimately this will limit more than aid resume writers and their editors as well.
  • Do not include resume sections/categories in more than one column.  A resume is easier to read when all information (save perhaps the header) is justified left and continues across the width of the page to the right hand margin.
  • Some additional best practices are included in respective sections of this webpage.





Resume Sections/Categories

This webpage elaborates on standard resume categories/headers, but it is important to be aware of additional resume category/header options as well as when and why you would want to use them.

Header/Contact Information

Professional Profile or Resume Profile (vs. Objective)

The “Objective” has been passé, but it is extremely strategic to include a professional/resume profile close to the top of your resume.


Instead of including a ‘Skills’ section, consider integrating information about your skills in your professional/resume profile or other resume sections, if possible.

Education Section

Experience & Accomplishment Statements

References – Do NOT include them on a resume!

Instead of including professional references on a resume, create a separate reference sheet.

Special Circumstances


Submitting a Resume or CV to an Employer