Reality Checking

It pays to give yourself a reality check.

Make choices that are rooted in reality to achieve your goals more fully and efficiently.

  • Align your financial and lifestyle goals with your career goals.
  • Make more strategic education and career decisions.
  • Discover more viable career paths.
  • Experience fewer employment gaps; increase how consistently you are employed.
Tools to Align Career, Financial, and Lifestyle Goals

MassHire360 (previously MassCIS) is free for all Massachusetts residents and highly recommended for: career assessments, occupation research, and education research.

If you are not a GCC student, use the "Massachusetts Resident" tab to login.

If you are a GCC student, use the following credentials the first time you log into the MassHire360 site.

Username: greenfieldcommc
Password: greenfieldcommc

Then fill in the short form to create your own MassHire360 account. This will make it possible for you to save and refer to useful information within the MassCIS360 dashboard.

Salary Research

When using wage/salary research tools, please keep in mind that salaries can vary considerably from state to state, as well as region to region. For example, people in Western MA make, on average, 65 cents to every dollar made in Eastern MA.

Take an inventory of what skills and knowledge you have now and what your career(s) of interest would require. Then write down what you still need to learn as goals and action steps in your career plan, SMART Goal Worksheet, and calendar.

Relevant Career Exploration Processes & Resources

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