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Work Experience

As you move forward on your career/education path, consider engaging these strategies to more fully achieve your career, financial, and life goals.

Work experience can be paid or unpaid, self-directed or supervised.  Whatever the case may be, work experience can provide people with invaluable perspective about who they are in relation to specific tasks, workplaces and industries, as well as the world of work in general.  Some work experiences are referred to as “work-based learning experiences”, because the main focus is on gaining perspective, knowledge, and skills.  In some cases, work-based learning includes opportunities to earn credit and/or money.  It is worth noting that many successful professionals site unpaid work-based learning experiences as a key strategy in their career advancement, which more than paid off.

  • Learn marketable skills – i.e. more than they would have during longer-term entry-level jobs
  • Strengthen resumes
  • Expands professional networks
  • Opens doors to more and better jobs
  • Informs career/education decisions – saving time and money

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