Dress for Success

Make a great first impression.

Looking good and dressing appropriately, for a given professional situation, is a way to help people focus on your character, skills, and strengths first. 

It is also a way to signal that prospective (or current) work opportunities matter to you and that you respect those you are interacting with.  Your appearance will also provide employers with an impression of how you will be perceived by their bosses, customers, clients, patients, or students. 

Figuring out what your authentic professional look is an important process, which usually requires some experimentation and time. If at all possible, start gathering what you will need (clothes, shoes, coats, bags, and other accessories) well in advance of an interview, job recruitment event, or the first day at a new job.

When in doubt, dress up (vs. down) a bit.  You can always scale down later, if deemed appropriate. That being said, it is not recommended that you base your professional attire on the least put together and professional looking person in the workplace.

Here are some resources, which you can review and compare to get more clarity about your professional look and increase your confidence in a variety of professional contexts: