Career Assessments

The more objective you are about your skills, strengths, interests, and values, the more informed and empowering your career/academic decisions will be.

Process recommendations:

  1. Choose assessments that match up with your main questions or priorities. 
  2. Compare results:
    1. Between different career assessments
    2. In relation to what you know about yourself - i.e. through experience
    3. To feedback received from people you respect
  3. Use career assessment results to:
    1. Inform (vs. replace) your current understanding of yourself
    2. Form new questions about: who you are, what is possible, and what career direction(s) could serve you best
    3. Inform your next career development steps
  4. Write down action steps that will help you test, confirm, rule out, or build upon career assessment results.
  5. Review your assessment results at a later time to gain additional insights.
  6. Retake assessments in the future, as needed.
Your Skills & Employ-ability
Take Career / Finances / Lifestyle Assessments

Visit the Reality Check webpage for assessments, calculators, and other tools that will help you determine what your financial and lifestyle goals – and how they relate to your career interests.

Explore Careers & Education Options

MassHire360 (previously MassCIS) is free for all Massachusetts residents and highly recommended for: career assessments, occupation research, and education research.

If you are not a GCC student, use the "Massachusetts Resident" tab to login.

If you are a GCC student, use the following credentials the first time you log into the MassHire360 site.

Username: greenfieldcommc
Password: greenfieldcommc

Then fill in the short form to create your own MassHire360 account. This will make it possible for you to save and refer to useful information within the MassCIS360 dashboard.

Additional tools:

Expand & Deepen the Exploration

Consider what defines you chart with sections for vision for career, your values, your purpose, what you are passionate about, why you do what you do.