Informational Interviewing

There is just nothing like learning from people in the field!

Career explorers are encouraged to set-up 30-minute to 1-hour informational interviews with professionals in the field.  If you do, you will very likely learn things that you can't find out about through online research.

Although the goal of informational interviews is to learn about an occupation or field (vs. get a job), it is a networking activity.  Therefore, informational interviewing can increase your chances of finding out about and getting a job in the future.

Information Interview Aids

Before you speak with a professional, be sure to review these resources, so you will be prepared, honor your interviewee’s time, and get the most out of this learning and networking experience.

Occupation Exploration Videos

Supplement your informational interviews with recorded interviews and other introductions to careers:

Two people in conversation sitting at a table with conversation bubbles above their heads.