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Networking is how most people find jobs—not by responding to job ads.  Typically, only 20% of jobs are advertised.

The following resources can be used to jumpstart or upgrade your networking routine.  Additionally, please visit the Career Services Workshop and Events webpage to find out about upcoming networking events.

What is networking & why does it matter?

Essentially, networking involves sharing about your professional goals and finding out about another person’s professional goals in order to discover ways to assist one another and/or those who are a part of your extended network.

Those who are most successful in the world are likely networking with many people throughout the day and everyday – through direct contact and social media platforms.  For some, networking comes naturally.  For others, this is a skill that is developed through planning, reviewing quality resources, practicing, and incorporating honest feedback over time.

Ways of Networking

Networking Events (or Not)

Networking Tips

The Network Speech / Elevator Pitch

In order to network effectively, you need to feel comfortable sharing about what you have to offer and what sort of professional opportunities you are looking for.  You also have to be comfortable asking for help.  Last, but not least, how you frame this information can greatly impact how what you share and ask is received by others.  If you hone your active listening, observation, and information seeking skills, you will be able to make a more meaningful connection and create more opportunities with those you meet.  Being intentional about crafting a networking pitch (aka. elevator speech) will give you the improvisational structure and language needed to make a concise, open, and meaningful introduction to yourself, goals, and the opportunities you are seeking.