This section of the GCC Career Services website includes resources and strategies to aid students and alumni in the various facets of the job acquisition process.

An abbreviated overview of the job search process:

Preparing for and engaging in a job/internship search can take time. The more time you give yourself, the less stressful and more fruitful the process will be.

Make an appointment with David Brown if you are interested in (paid) internships: .

Schedule a GCC Career Readiness appointment for assistance with other job and career-related questions and next steps.

For academic advising, please contact your faculty advisor or the Academic Advising Center.

Contact Shane Clark with questions about how to transfer from GCC to a 4-year university: .


  1. Create a job search plan and organization system.
  2. Make a list of preferred employers.
    1. Learn more about them.
    2. Bookmark their websites and sign up for newsletters or events, when applicable.
    3. Find out if anyone you know works there or knows someone who does.
    4. Conduct informational interviews to learn more.
    5. Network with employers of interest and relevant professionals.
  3. Draft or update your job application materials:
    1. Update your reference sheet.
    2. Draft or update your resume.
    3. Draft a cover letter.
    4. Create or update your online profile / electronic portfolio.
  4. Gather appropriate clothes and accessories for interviews.
  5. Attend free MassHire Franklin Hampshire Career Center webinars.
  6. Practice answering common interview questions.
  7. Get a Mentor or create a peer group.


  1. Use 2-4 Job Search Engines.
  2. Use MassHire Career Center Resources.
  3. Engage in networking as often as possible:


  1. Apply for jobs - especially relevant ones.
  2. Customize application materials for each position you apply for.
  3. Emphasize what you can do for the employer vs. what they can do for you.
  4. Follow each employer's application instructions.
  5. Try to submit your application materials before the deadline.


Within 24 hours of interviewing or receiving assistance, send thank you note.

Reach higher!

If possible, try to get a position that is relevant to your career interests - to one degree or another.

Additionally, aim for positions that will provide you with the opportunity to learn higher-level skills. This will help you get out of "entry-level skill" purgatory, so you can qualify for higher-paying positions.

Internships are usually a great way to gain higher-level skills. This is the main reason why (paid as well as unpaid) internships are "worth their weight in gold." They can be that life-changing.

Overtime, you will be able to leverage past experiences in order to gain even more relevant, satisfying, and viable opportunities.

If you are GCC student would like to learn more about internships or get an internship, make an appointment with the Internship Coordinator.