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Get Ready to Apply for Internships & Job Openings

Drafting cover letters, resumes/CV's, reference sheets, and thank you letters in advance of the job search, will make it much easier to apply for a job in a timely and effective manner - even if you are only required to fill in an online application.  Do your future self a favor, and start drafting these documents sooner than later - if you haven't prepared these documents already for the different types of jobs you are interested in.

Why Write a Cover Letter, Resume/CV, or List of References

Most employers require that prospective employees fill out online job applications, which involves typing the contact information for professional references, the traditionally included in a resume, and sometimes more.  In addition to filling in an online form, employers often require that applicants upload or attach a resume and cover letter.  Since online applications need to be finished in a timely manner and also be complete, neat, and professionally worded, it is highly recommended that these job search documents be created prior to applying online, so you will have the information on hand.  For most people, creating professional job search documents takes time and involves writing multiple drafts.  Therefore, drafting cover letters, resumes, reference sheets, and thank you letters in advance of the job search, will make it much easier to submit polished and customized job application documents in a timely manner.

Job Application Tips
  • Match Your Qualifications to a Job
  • Lead with Your Strengths
  • Follow each employer’s application / submission directions
  • Include the same contact information at the top of the first page of each
  • Documents should be neat, concise, descriptive, specific, professional, impressive and accurate

Please see each Get-A-Job Doc webpage for guides, examples, and templates.

Job Search Strategies

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