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Cover Letters

Most professional job applications include a cover letter in addition to a resume and reference sheet. In some cases, cover letters are not requested by an employer. However, it is generally wise to submit a cover page, along with a resume or job application, if there is an option to do so. Cover letters can also serve as a useful aid when preparing for an interview, since they include professional language to describe your most exemplary qualifications for a particular position – exactly what you want to present in an interview.

Cover letters should answer these questions for prospective employers:

  • Does this applicant really want this job – ie. for the right reasons?
  • Will this applicant be better at this job than other applicants?
  • Could this applicant be a great fit for this business?
  • Would it be worthwhile to interview this applicant?

Cover letters provide job applicants with the opportunity to:

  • Introduce themselves;
  • Highlight most relevant and exemplary qualifications;
  • Proactively address resume information gaps – if necessary;
  • Express interest in a position;
  • Inspire employer to invite you to an interview.


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Submitting Your Cover Letter 

This illustration tells you what to know about email cover letters including the Subject, Greeting, The Body of the Message, the Closing and the Signature