Marketable Skills

More Marketable Skills = More Employable

There are a lot of different types of skills.  Of course, the more relevant and effective skills we have, the more versatile and employable we will be.

Make Your Skill Development Plan
Knowledge & Skills Needed

 Occupation Research

Review occupation descriptions and skills associated with occupations you are interested in.

MassHire Career Information System (MassCIS)*

MassCIS is free for all Massachusetts residents and highly recommended for:

  • Career Assessments
  • Occupation Research
  • Education Research

If you are not a GCC student, use the “Massachusetts Resident” tab to log in.

If you are a GCC student, use these initial login credentials the first time you access the MassCIS site.

Username: greenfieldcommc
Password: greenfieldcommc

Take 3 minutes to set up your own MassCIS ‘My Portfolio’ account, so you will be able to save useful information.

  • HOW: Go to the “My Portfolio” tab and fill in the short form.
  • When prompted, click “yes,” so GCC will be better able to support you, as well as other students, in the future.
  • Save assessment results, occupation profiles, and education information, so you will be able to find this information in the “My Portfolio” tab in the “Favorites” section.

MassCIS login

Create a MassCIS account

Marketable Skill Sets

Soft / Employability Skills

Soft skills are a skill set, which employers value tremendously and that employees need to develop, in order to get hired, meet basic workplace expectations, and succeed in the world of work.  Some people refer to them as soft skills, but they can also be referred to as foundational skills, employability skills, and essential skills.

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Hard / Technical Skills

Get Objective with Career Assessments

Career assessments will help you identify your current skill set(s) and find jobs that match them.

However, don’t limit yourself to the jobs you are currently ready for – if they do not represent your end goal. Instead, look for jobs that you could get now, which would help you gain the skills and experience needed to qualify for more aspirational jobs later. Having relevant skills and experience opens the path to more satisfying and supportive job opportunities.

Documenting Your Skills

Taking assessments and reflecting on what you have done likely helped you become aware of skills you haven’t documented before. Whenever we remember or gain a skill, taking a moment to write it down is a great way to do your future self a favor.


Make your GCC Handshake Student Profile even stronger by listing all of your skills and keeping this section of your profile up to date.  The more skills you list, the better your chances are of showing up in an employer search. Log in to Handshake with your GCC username and password.


Continually update your resume (and attach it to your Handshake Student Profile) to help the world see what you currently have to offer. In the future, you will be very glad to have these details on file – especially when you are applying for jobs or a college/university.


LinkedIn is the most widely used social media platform for professional networking, exploring career options, and staying at the cutting edge of your profession. Develop your Linkedin profile and start networking your way to opportunities!

Additional Career Exploration Processes & Resources