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Business Resources

Welcome to the Business Resources section of the GCC Career Services website!

At this time, we are excited to provide established businesses with easy access to our:

Collaboration with members of our business community is critical, when it comes to helping GCC students become career-ready graduates.  Opportunities for students to hear from professionals about the realities of the workplace as well as specific occupations, fields, and industries helps students make more informed career/education decisions and further motivates them to achieve their academic and career goals.  Opportunities for students to test and develop knowledge and skills with employers and through real work projects can further inform their direction, inspire an increase academic performance as well as marketable skill development.  Thank you for partnering with GCC Career Service to increase the employment outcomes of our students, which has a direct relationship to the health and well-being of individuals, families, communities, our region, and the Commonwealth.

Please contact Career Services, if you should have any questions or need additional assistance.  Additionally, please see the Contacts for Collaboration page, for additional contact information.  Thank you!