Employer Resources

Dear Employers,

Thank you for thinking of our students and alumni, when it comes to meeting your hiring needs.  We hope the resources and information included below will help you find qualified and motivated candidates to fill your internship or job openings.

Additionally, please contact the Career Readiness and Internships team, if you have questions or need assistance.

Opportunities NOT promoted by GCC

Please note, employers cannot promote the following through Handshake or any other GCC outlets:  

  • Positions or events that are not hosted by a registered businesses  (with the Secretary of State)
  • Positions offered by an employer who does not have an EIN
  • Contract positions paid via 1099 arrangements
  • Positions that involve “pyramid” or multi-level marketing structures
  • Positions being offered via. most third party recruiters and staffing agencies – ie. outside our region
  • In-home, home-based services, or other private jobs: babysitting, elder care, lawn care, home improvement jobs, etc.
  • Entrepreneurship opportunities posted as jobs
  • Opportunities that involve on-campus: solicitation, sales, posting of materials, products, or services
  • Opportunities which require any fees/costs: application, participation, training, supplies/rentals, etc. \
  • Employers who do not create an employer account in Handshake or at least provide a usable job-related flier

Our students use the Handshake job board to find for-credit and non-credit internships.

To post an internship, please:

In particular, we recommend providing paid (vs. unpaid) internships to the fullest extent possible.  This ensures that all talented, smart, and motivated students will be able to engage in potentially life-changing work-based learning experiences – regardless of their current income level.  This will also increase the job force pipeline to your workplace as well as diversity in your workplace. Since most of our graduates continue living in this region, hosting an intern will help increase the pool of qualified applicants living in this region.

How GCC Fosters Student-Employer Connections

GCC actively uses and promotes the Handshake platform to increase student-employer connections, as do almost all MA community colleges, all 4-year state universities, and many private colleges – in this region and beyond.

Handshake is the #1 way colleges students find jobs.  For our students, it is a powerful networking and job/internship search tool.

For recruiters, it is a powerful end-to-end recruitment tool.  Employers can use the free version of Handshake (Core) to make students (at multiple schools) aware of jobs, internships, volunteer positions. The paid version (Premium) includes additional, high-impact recruitment tools – including the ability to contact more students per month and post a single event at multiple schools.  Click toggles listed below to learn more.

The Handshake platform makes it possible for the GCC Career Readiness and Internships team to offer students and recent graduates:

  • A job board with hundreds of regional job and non-credit internship openings – and thousands of other listings
  • An extensive menu of employer-hosted events
  • Access to a vast network of peers, professionals, and employers
  • A career management tool that they can use during and after their time at GCC
How to Create a Handshake Account

Employers can use the free version of Handshake (Core) to post jobs, internships, volunteer positions and events, while the paid version (Premium) includes additional, high-impact recruitment tools – including the ability to share a single events with multiple schools.

If you do not already have a Handshake account: 

  1. Go to https://joinhandshake.com/employer (vs. the student login page) or learn more about the two different levels of membership:
    1. Free version – aka. Core
    2. Paid version – aka. Premium
      1. Click ‘Sign up’ or ‘Learn More’.

For more information, refer to these Handshake guides:

Posting Jobs, Internships, and Volunteer Positions

Employers can use the free version of Handshake (Core) to post jobs, internships and volunteer positions to multiple schools at a time.

How to submit positions to the “HandshakeGCC” job board: 

Submitting Events for Students

Please contact the MassHire Franklin Hampshire Career Center (MHFHCC) Business Team, if you are interested in exhibiting at their job fairs.

Employers can use the free version of Handshake (Core) to submit an event to the HandshakeGCC Event page.  All events are subject to approval by the GCC Career Readiness and Internships team.  Approved regional events will be included in a GCC Career Readiness & Internships Newsletter, which is emailed to all students.

Please refer to the following guides created by Handshake:

To post an event for multiple schools, employers will need to either re-create the event for each school or pay for Handshake Premium.

Minimum Wage

The minimum wage is $15.00 per hour and the service rate (applied to workers who provide services to customers and who make more than $20 a month in tips) is $6.75.

For more information, please click here.

Other Employer Resources

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