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Habitat Assessor

Posted on Friday January 31st 2014

Habitat Assessor

Mount Grace Land Conservation Trust1461 Old Keene Rd Athol, MA 01331 United States

Mount Grace facilitates land conservation (forests & farms), and supports local economy & community.

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Mount Grace is responsible for stewardship of many of the properties that we have conserved. This means we monitor the property for habitat quality, invasive plant species, and any violations of the conservation agreement. For example, we’d like to know if a stream on our land is being polluted by some source upstream, or if an invasive species like Japanese knotweed or glossy buckthorn is spreading and needs to be removed. We’d also like to map out any special features, like vernal pools, so that we’re making good decisions about how to manage that land. As a habitat assessment intern, you will conduct several kinds of assessments at properties convenient to your location: marking GPS location of invasive species, testing water quality, surveying aquatic invertebrate species, and surveying plant species. You’ll also assist with invasive species removal, and/or organizing a volunteer day to remove invasive species. We provide training on all these procedures. If you are interested in forestry, field biology, or land conservation, this is an opportunity to get your feet wet.

Start date

June 2 2014

End date

Aug 8 2014

Intern responsibilities

- Identify and mark locations of invasive species
- Conduct water quality monitoring
- Conduct aquatic invertebrate surveys
- Conduct plant species surveys
- Assist in invasive plant species removal
- Optionally, organize a volunteer day for invasive species removal

- Meet with the coordinator weekly to check-in
- Track your hours
- Complete a short report on each property to record your findings

Required intern qualifications

- Basic computer skills (MS Office, email)
- Able to solve problems independently
- Self-motivated, committed

- Use a map and GPS to navigate in a forest
- Recognize several invasive plant species – the more, the better!
- Follow a lab procedure independently
- Familiar with basic safety for hiking

Desirable, not required:
- GIS skills (digital maps)
- Plant species identification
- Insect / invertebrate identification
- Experience in volunteer management / community outreach

Desired outcomes of internship

- Reports on the assigned properties
- Assistance in invasive species control
- Student learning: skills and key issues in land stewardship

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