Organic Farming Intern

K & L Organic Growers

270 Greenfield Road Colrain, MA Massachusetts 01340

We are a growing Local Hero Farm in Colrain, with produce, chickens & our own farmstand

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Looking for hardworking, agriculturally invested support in our greenhouse, chicken yard, gardens, and farmstand, which together cover 2+ acres. We are ideally looking for commitments through the growing season, starting in mid-April with limited hours and increasing through spring and summer, again tapering into early fall. We would prefer growing season commitments of at least 20 hours spread through the week, with flexibility of weekend time when needed. Interns will receive experience in greenhouse plant care, all areas of field work, organic prevention and treatment practices for controlling diseases and pests, organic poultry care and egg handling, customer service/sales and general organic farming practices.

Start date

Jan. 4

End date

May 20, 2015

Intern responsibilities

Greenhouse plant care; garden planting, maintenance and harvesting; chicken care and feeding, egg collection and delivery to markets (if vehicle available). Work will include significant field labor; picking, washing and packaging produce for sale; customer service and sales at the farm stand.

Required intern qualifications

Strong work ethic and commitment through majority or all of growing/harvesting season; physical stamina for outdoor work in varying weather conditions; ability to work both independently and with others under clear supervisory direction; genuine interest and investment in growing organic food; some gardening/farm experience preferred; basic math and money handling skills; attention to detail and follow-through; ability to lift up to 50 lbs. and handle variety of garden tools.

Desired outcomes of internship

Our main goal is to help create and support young local people who are considering a future in agriculture. We aim to provide our interns with a variety of skills, knowledge and abilities that come from hands-on daily experience on the farm, as well as foster their personal investment in what it means to sustainably grow the healthiest food for our local communities. For our farm, our desire is to have a team of invested individuals working together to help us successfully meet our goals of increasing the availability of a variety of organic foods to our community through direct and wholesale markets.

Compensation: Monthly stipend based on hours, plus weekly food shares beginning with first harvests.