Notary Services

One of our library staff members is a notary public, and is able to notarize documents for free as staffing allows. Notary services are available most weekdays 8 am to 4 pm, and Tuesday evenings. An appointment is suggested.

Please bring the unsigned document and a state or federally issued photo ID to your appointment. Documents can only be notarized in person.

Please note that notaries cannot offer legal advice or explain the meaning of a document’s content to the signer. Notaries are not authorized to prepare or complete documents for others. For more information about the role of a notary public, visit

To schedule an appointment, please contact Liza Harrington at or 413-775-1836.

If Liza is not available, please note that notary services are available in the Court Services Center on the first floor of the Franklin County Courthouse in downtown Greenfield. Many banks and shipping stores also offer notary services but may charge a fee.