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Citation Guides from the Library

The attached files are NOT an exhaustive guide to citations but rather a handy list of the formats GCC students most frequently need. These guides currently reflects the MLA Handbooks for Writers of Research Papers (9th ed.) and the Publication Manual of the APA (7th ed.). They will be updated as changes occur.

While we have made every effort to produce an error-free document, there are SO MANY DETAILS there could be one here. If you find something that you think is incorrect, please contact us.

Citation formatting

Both MLA and APA citation formats require you to format your bibliography/works cited page using what's called a "hanging indent." This guide will show you how to create a hanging indent in MS Word and Google Docs.

Other sources of help with writing and citation

GCC Citation Tutorials

These interactive tutorials help you figure out where, why, and how to include in-text and bibliographic citations in your writing.

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Citation Software the GCC Library Recommends

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