GCC Archives

Greenfield Community College (GCC) Records, (1950-present)

Scope & Contents

The Regional Community College in Greenfield was established in 1962 to serve the Franklin County community. The Archives of Greenfield Community College document the institutional memory of the college. This collection contains official records as well as unpublished material documenting the functions, activities, and intellectual materials produced by and about members of the GCC community. The various creators include: college administration, staff, faculty, students, and alumni. Material types include: meeting minutes, memoranda, administrative records, published reports, official publications, student publications, newspaper clippings, yearbooks, scrapbooks, photographs, posters, event programs, brochures, and personal papers.


Researchers can contact Claire Lobdell at or by calling 413-775-1834.

Digitized Collection

Most GCC Records have not been digitized. The following items are available:


The GCC Archives is happy to accept gifts of materials related to the history of the institution, its students, staff, and faculty. The Nahman-Watson Library is unable to accept materials on loan; donated materials become the property of the library. Library staff are unable to provide financial appraisals for tax or other purposes. Please call or email Claire Lobdell (; 413-775-1834) before bringing materials for donation.

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Commencement programs from the following years



The initial inventory, arrangement, and processing for this collection was completed in the spring of 2018 by Caroline Dubinsky.


This collection includes 16 records groups. You can expand the links below to see the contents of the records groups. Detailed listings for individual records groups will be linked below as they are indexed.

RG 01: Institutional Documentation

.01 Board of Trustees
.02 GCC Assembly
.03 College Council
.04 College Affairs Committee
.05 Curriculum and Academic Policy Committee (CAP)
.06 Diversity Committee
.07 Information Resource Management Committee (IRM)
.08 Planning and Evaluation Management Committee (PEM)
.09 AFSCME Union at GCC
.10 MCCC Union at GCC
.11 Accreditation and strategic planning
.12 Contracts and Grants
.13 Misc. policies and policy memos
.14 Human resources
.15 Awards and certificates
.16 Information Technology

RG 02: Office of the President

.01 General President’s office files [many President’s Office files span multiple years and administrations] .02 Walter Taylor (1962-1964)
.03 Lewis O. Turner (1964-1978)
.04 Nancy Goodwin (1979-1981)
.05 David George (interim)
.06 Theodore L. Provo (1982-1988)
.07 Katherine Sloan (1988-1994)
.08 Lawrence A. Dean (interim)
.09 Charlie Wall (1995-2000)
.10 Robert L. Pura (2000-2018)
.11 Yves Salomon-Fenandez (2018-2021)

RG 03: Greenfield Community College Foundation

.01 Meeting Minutes and Agendas
.02 Incorporation, Mergers, and By-laws
.03 Membership and Committee Lists
.04 Annual Reports
.05 Brochures
.06 Newsletters (GCC Foundation News, Catalyst, etc.)
.07 Root Hog or Die
.08 Lester Stevens

RG 04: Academic and Student Affairs

.01 Chief Academic and Student Affairs Officer
.02 Library
.03 Dean of Students
.04 Advising Center
.05 Wellness Center (Formerly Counseling Center)
.06 Peer Tutoring Center (Formerly Learning Assistance Center)
.07 Student Development
.08 Transitions/ETP
.09 Fitness Center
.10 Student Activities and Community Service
.11 Veterans Services
.12 Women’s Resource Center
.13 Child Care Center
.14 Student Health Services

RG 05: Workforce Education and Community Development

.01 Dean of Workforce Development and Community Education
.02 Pioneer Valley Institute
.03 Tripp Community Caregiver Institute
.04 Course and workshop catalogs and guides

RG 06: Enrollment Services
.01 Dean of Enrollment Services
.02 Admissions
.03 Financial Aid
.04 Registrar

RG 07: Academics

.01 Dean of Humanities
.02 Dean of Business, IT, Professional Studies, and Social Sciences
.03 Dean of Engineering, Math, Nursing, and Science
.04 Department publications and advertisements
.05 Catalogs, course booklets, course guides, course schedules

RG 08: Faculty and Professional Staff

.01 Biographies/profiles, Personal papers
.02 Research and publications
.03 Sabbatical Requests and Reports
.04 Faculty lists/rosters
.05 Faculty handbooks and schedules
.06 Awards, honors, and prizes
.07 Newsletters and events

RG 09: Student Life

.01 Athletics
.02 Commencement, Convocation, and other Ceremonies and Celebrations
.03 Clubs, Organizations, & Activities
.04 Handbooks
.05 Yearbooks
.06 Honors, Awards, & Prizes
.07 Student Publications

  • Forum
  • Prism
  • Undercurrent
  • Prometheus
  • Plum

.08 Student Senate
.09 Student work (research and publications)
.10 Diplomas

RG 10: Alumni

.01 Graduation reports and surveys
.02 Alumni lists, directories
.03 Alumni newsletters
.04 Alumni news and publications

RG 11: Publications and Marketing Office
(.01 and .02, Course catalogs, have been moved to RG 07.05)

.03 Press releases
.04 Course-related publications
.05 Promotional publications
.06 Other publications
.07 Publications by Arthur W. Shaw
.08 Photographs
.09 Negatives and Contact Sheets
.10 Slide show presentations
.11 Watercolors of GCC Campus

RG 12: Campus Events
(For Commencement and Convocation, see RG 09.02)

.01 General Campus Events
.02 Art Events
.03 Center for Peace and Justice
.04 Workshops and conferences

RG 13: History of GCC

.01 Anniversary Celebrations
.02 Scrapbooks
.03 Oral histories
.04 News clippings
.05 Reference material

  • Greenfield Recorder GCC section
RG 14: Massachusetts State Documents

.01 Massachusetts Community College Consortium (MCCC)
.02 Massachusetts Board of Regional Community Colleges (MBRCC)
.03 Official State Publications

RG 15: Photographs, Negatives, Slides, Digital Images

.01 Photograph prints (updated January 28, 2019)
.02 Negatives and contact sheets
.03 Slides
.04 Digital images

RG 16: Information Technology