Open Education Faculty Fellowships 2021

The GCC Open Education Faculty Fellowship program aims to lower the cost of education for students by incentivizing the use of open educational resources (OERs) and other low-cost materials in place of traditional textbooks. These mini-grants are intended to compensate faculty recipients for the additional time necessary to locate, evaluate, and/or create appropriate materials for a new iteration of a course.

Grant amounts: 

$500 for individual instructors

$500-$1500 for groups working together

Application form

Deadline: December 15th


  • The OEFF is open to any GCC instructor. Adjunct faculty are encouraged to apply.
  • Multiple grants to one faculty member will be considered. Please complete an application for each course.
  • If you’re applying as a group, your award amount will be determined based on the scope of the project, the number of people involved, and funds available.
  • New and existing courses are eligible. Updates to courses that already use free materials will be considered if funding allows.
  • Proposals that integrate free materials will receive priority. Proposals that significantly lower costs for student will be considered, if funding allows.
  • Students may be given the option to purchase low-cost print textbooks to supplement free electronic textbooks.

Applications will be evaluated based on the following criteria:

  • Viability: An applicant’s plan demonstrates that appropriate materials exist or can be created.
  • Enrollment: Core courses with high enrollment will receive priority.
  • Savings: Courses that currently utilize high-cost materials will receive priority.

Have questions about the application? Looking for help researching OERs in your field? Contact Tim Dolan, GCC Librarian.