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Purpose of interlibrary loan

Interlibrary loan (ILL) is a service provided to obtain materials which are NOT available in the GCC Library. Materials necessary for study and research are borrowed or acquired from other libraries. The conditions of this service are set by the National Interlibrary Loan Code, 1980 (adopted by the American Library Association).

Who may use interlibrary loan

Current Greenfield Community College students, faculty, and staff may use ILL.

Materials available

Books and some materials reproduced in microform, such as newspapers, can be borrowed. Photocopies of non- circulating materials, primarily periodicals, can be requested in accordance with the copyright laws.

Materials NOT available

The following types of materials CANNOT normally be requested:

  • books owned by this library and temporarily in use
  • reference books
  • rare or valuable materials such as manuscripts
  • bound periodical volumes
  • recent, unmicrofilmed newspapers
  • materials for class, reserve, or group use
  • dissertations
  • videotapes and bulky or fragile items.

How interlibrary loan works

All requests must be submitted in writing on forms supplied by the GCC Library. For speedy service, accurate and complete information should be supplied. The card catalog and the List of Serials must be checked first to be sure the material is not in the GCC Library. All completed forms are processed by the Reference Librarian.


Plan ahead when requesting materials. A minimum of two to four weeks is needed to search, process, and receive each ILL request.

Loan period & restrictions

The loan period is determined by the lending library. Lending libraries determine any conditions regarding the use of their materials. Limitations such as “No Renewal” and “In Library Use Only” must be honored.

Returning materials

All materials borrowed through ILL must be returned to the Circulation Desk. Late return of materials jeopardizes the ability of the GCC Library to borrow from other libraries in the future.

Reciprocal borrowing arrangements

The GCC Library has reciprocal borrowing arrangements with the libraries of each of the other 28 Massachusetts Institutions of Public Higher Education. Thus, a student may borrow circulating material from any of them, including the University of Massachusetts/Amherst by simply presenting appropriate identification. For Interlibrary Loans, maximum use will be made of these Libraries. Advice will be given on using other libraries in the Pioneer Valley such as the Five College Consortium.

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