Support for Students with Disabilities

The Library at Greenfield Community College strives to provide students with disabilities access to our space, resources, and services.

The following adaptive equipment, technology, and resources are available in the Library:

  • Read & Write Gold screen reading and dictation software on every library computer
  • Other Windows and Mac built-in assistive technology (i.e. screen magnification, color adaptations, etc.) on all library computers
  • Scanners available for public use in study rooms A & C; the south end; and the library classroom
  • Adjustable height desks in study rooms A, B, and C
  • Audio books in the GCC Library’s collection, as well as through many other libraries in the C/W MARS network
  • Free ear plugs available in the solarium
  • Scent-free space in study room F

Librarians are trained in using the above software and hardware. Please ask one of the reference librarians for help.

Individuals requiring any accommodations not listed are encouraged to contact Disability & Accessibility Services. They also maintain a list of available accessibility software.

Do you have a suggestion for how we could make the library more accessible? If so, please contact .