Voice Recorder

Voice recorders are available for current GCC students with library cards in good standing. They can be checked out for the length of the semester. A photo ID is required at time of checkout.

You can request a voice recorder via the library catalog. If one is not immediately available, a hold will be placed. Holds are filled in the order they are received.


  • Must be returned in person with battery to a library staff member during regular library hours and student must remain during the check in procedures.  DO NOT USE LIBRARY BOOK DROP.
  • Failure to return, loss, tampering with or damage to the voice recorder will result in a bill for up to $50 for replacement and a HOLD on your college account which can impact registration, grades, transcripts, diplomas and certificates until the Library account is satisfied.
  • The safety and care of the voice recorder is the sole responsibility of the borrower upon check out. Do not leave the voice recorder in areas where the temperatures are extreme (hot or cold) or unattended.  Do not lend the voice recorder to anyone, including but not limited to family, friends, or other students.