Employers & Hosts

Greenfield Community College continues its commitment to partner with local employers in every industry to advance our students’ learning while offering the local workforce a valuable resource. Our interns are eager and ready to gain experience in their field of study while contributing to your organization. This partnership can be a win-win situation for you and your emerging local workforce!

  • Want to re-post an internship opportunity that we’ve published before? No need to fill out this form again if your internship is a repeat. Email Kris Nelson (nelsonk@gcc.mass.edu) with details and we’ll post it again for you.

    Please complete the form below to submit an internship opportunity to our online database. Once it’s been reviewed by staff, it will be published on our website for students to find. Students will not contact you directly to apply for internships but will be pre-screened and matched by GCC’s internship coordinator.

  • What is an internship

    An internship is a program that provides opportunities for students to gain work experience (paid or unpaid) in positions related to their field of study. Ideally they can apply classroom theory to these real life situations all while earning college credit.

    Employer benefits

    • Internships are a cost effective way for your organization to employ motivated temporary workers.
    • Interns can reduce recruitment and training costs if they are later hired for permanent positions.
    • Fresh insight from classroom discussions and research into changing technologies and industry may benefit your company.
    • Sponsoring an intern connects your organization with GCC and can lead to further collaboration with GCC’s professional development programs for students.
    • By participating in an internship program, you support higher education in your community and partner with GCC in developing a skilled and experienced workforce for your profession or industry.

    What should you consider before sponsoring a GCC intern?

    It’s important to think about flexible duties and projects and who can supervise the student. For example:

    • Do you have a specific project that is of value, would challenge the student, but for which you don’t have time in your day-to-day operations?
    • Are you able to provide the student with at least 45 hours of experience? (A 3-credit semester long internship—the standard—is 135 hours, or about 10 hours a week.)
    • Do you have staff available to supervise and support the student?
    • Do you have a space where the student can perform the assigned duties?
    • Do you have the technological capability to host a remote internship?

    Role of the employer

    You will work closely with the student to develop learning outcomes and related objectives to ensure a productive out-come for you and a productive learning experience for the student. We will ask you to assess this partnership during and at the end of the internship. You are entitled to performance that meets your organization’s expectations.

    Student eligibility

    Eligibility for internships at GCC depends on the program in which the students are enrolled. Generally, we expect students to have completed significant coursework in their program: a semester for certificate students and a year’s worth of credits for Associate Degree students. However, a faculty person will be reviewing the internship agreement and will weigh in on the student’s eligibility. We also expect students to be in good academic standing.

    Students meet with their faculty mentor on a regular (usually bi-weekly) basis in which written reflection, goals, and work are evaluated. Students are required to work 45 hours per credit.