Hannah Gomsey

This is Hannah Gomsey

Office assistant, project manager, and carpentry worker at Live Well Home ImprovementRenewable Energy/Energy Efficiency major at GCC

I don’t think I would be able to grasp the information in the classroom as well if I hadn’t done the green building internship.

About Hannah

Intern Responsibilities

Communicate directly with clients, suppliers, and subcontractors; send emails and make phone calls; organize quotes to build bids; maintain file organization both electronically and hard copy; assist in carpentry work and painting; maintain overall cleanliness.

What you wanted from the internship

To d​evelop knowledge of energy efficiency measures used in new and existing homes and all aspects of project management; assess if sustainable construction practices are effective in creating and maintaining a cleaner and healthier home environment; improve my communication skills through interacting with clients, subcontractors, and suppliers.

What was most challenging?

The most challenging part was learning how to keep all aspects of Live Well’s projects organized whether it was compiling and making sense of quotes, accounting for all expenditures, or documenting hours.

What did you find most useful as a student? How did it connect to your classroom learning?

As an incoming student to the REE program, the internship gave me useful knowledge that I am able to bring to the classroom. I have a good understanding of many of the terms and topics I’ve been learning about because I’ve seen a lot of it in real world applications.

What was most fun?

The most fun part of the internship was doing hands-on work out in the field. I was able to learn about various building practices and techniques (old and new) and how to use carpentry-specific tools like the chop saw.

About Live Well Home Improvement

Business Description

Live Well Home Improvement LLC. is a green construction company based out of Whately, Massachusetts. We specialize in high-end, design/build renovations and additions for residential and light commercial buildings. Our employees have extensive training in green building and energy efficient building practices. We pride ourselves on quality craftsmanship, attention to detail, and a high degree of professionalism and respect towards our customers.

Business Location

Whately, MA

Required Qualifications for Intern

Excellent written and verbal communication skills; excellent organization skills; able to arrive on time and prepared; some knowledge of hand and power tools; proficiency in Microsoft Excel/Google Sheets, Word, Adobe PDF; maintain professionalism at all times; strong attention to detail; driver’s license; OSHA certification a plus

Outcomes for the Internship as Stated by Business