Kaila Woodson

This is Kaila Woodson

Fishery Science and Engineering Research Intern at S.O. Conte Anadromous Fish Research CenterEngineering major at GCC

I was eager to go out on the boat to perform sampling—catching fish and doing water samples. The possibility of scientific discovery is really exciting. Being part of an effort to learn more about ecological systems and how we can lessen the impact of manmade changes on our water bodies is really important to me.

About Kaila

Intern Responsibilities

Fish collection, handling, tagging; assist with controlled laboratory experiments; entry of data on paper forms and computers; review of video recordings and quantification of fish behavioral data.

What you wanted from the internship

Experience in the field. Make connections with professionals and learn how they got where they are and what their regular workday is like. Get my foot in the door for later environmental engineering work. Experience working for Federal Government. Finding work that is fulfilling and that I can be excited about. See engineering in action.

What was most challenging?

Precision and consistency in data collection and recording.

What did you find most useful as a student? How did it connect to your classroom learning?

It shows an applicable example of where engineering and environmental science intersect. Got to meet and work with professionals that do what I want to do. Saw applications of calculus in their charts about fish speed and endurance and applications of Physics 2 in the electrical setups for tags and antennas. Also relates to my science study in experimental design and data analysis.

What was most fun?

About S.O. Conte Anadromous Fish Research Center

Business Description

The S.O. Conte Anadromous Fish Branch (CAFB) has been charged to meet the need to perform research directed towards restoration and protection of anadromous fishes. In recent years fishery agency needs have expanded to include provision of fish passage facilities for many riverine species.

Business Location

One Migratory Way,Turners Falls, MA 01376

Required Qualifications for Intern

Must have an interest in biology, science, and/or engineering. No previous experience is required but is preferred. The intern must have reliable transportation to and from the research facility.

Outcomes for the Internship as Stated by Business

Assistance with experimental and engineering tasks; completion of research goals. The intern will gain valuable experience in significant scientific investigation and engineering techniques.