Liz Suozzo

This is Liz Suozzo

Local Hero Intern at Community Involved in Sustaining Agriculture (CISA)Farm and Food Systems major at GCC

I had the most fun visiting farms, meeting the farmers, and hearing their stories. I knew many places by name, but it was an entirely different experience to walk the land and talk to the stewards.

About Liz

Intern Responsibilities

Assist with workshop planning logistics (in particular, coordinating procurement of Ag Day luncheon foods); Conduct outreach to Local Hero members (calls, emails); Assist in analyzing surveys from technical assistance workshops; Make introductory visits to Local Hero members to drop off materials.

What you wanted from the internship

An opportunity to learn on the job

What was most challenging?


What did you find most useful as a student? How did it connect to your classroom learning?

CISA helps grow the value of local agriculture in the Pioneer Valley. Getting to know CISA farmer/members, hearing about issues they face, and seeing their farms up close grounded and expanded on the knowledge I've gained through GCC's Farm and Food Systems program.

What was most fun?

About Community Involved in Sustaining Agriculture (CISA)

Business Description

CISA strengthens farms and engages the community to build the local food economy.

Business Location

South Deerfield

Required Qualifications for Intern

Skilled in conducting research, interest in local agriculture and food, comfortable talking on telephone, well-organized, ability to present data clearly, experience with Excel, and access to own transportation required

Outcomes for the Internship as Stated by Business

A rewarding experience!