Tess Burdick

This is Tess Burdick

Agriculture & Plant Science Intern at IASAFarm and Food Systems major at GCC

Learning more laboratory skills was super useful; prior to this I had very little lab experience under my belt, but being trusted to handle very precise lab tools was a great experience.

About Tess

Intern Responsibilities

Assist thesis students on their work/studies with Andean lupine (Lupinus mutabilis). Work with plant pathology in the field, and conduct protein analysis of the lupine bean in the laboratory.

What you wanted from the internship

To learn about the cultivation of the native Andean lupine as a source of protein, to learn about and experience new agricultural environment/landscape, improve Spanish skills

What was most challenging?

Speaking Spanish in a laboratory setting/context

What did you find most useful as a student? How did it connect to your classroom learning?

Spending time outside in the lupine field with thesis students studying the lupine plants. Speaking Spanish and bonding with other plant nerds!

What was most fun?

About IASA

Business Description

Instituto Agropecuario Superior Andino (Andean Agricultural Engineering University)

Business Location

Sangolqui, Ecuador

Required Qualifications for Intern

Spanish language skills, interst/experience in plant science

Outcomes for the Internship as Stated by Business

Tess assisted many thesis students on a range of studies on the lupine plant. Improved Spanish drastically.