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Planning your internship

Internships at Greenfield Community College are experiential learning opportunities for which you earn credits, like a course. The credits count towards your degree or certificate as elective credits and you pay for them as you would a course. (In some cases, grant financing is available. Ask about this.) Keep in mind some of the following information as you explore internship opportunities on this website. If you have more questions, see the “Information for students” page or contact Bob Barba, Internship Coordinator at  413- 775-1472.

  • An internships is a valuable work experiences that can be listed on your resume like a job. In some cases, students have been offered employment after a successful internship though this is not guaranteed, by any means. For other students, internships have helped clarify further what course of study they want to pursue. Work experience in your chosen field will make you a competitive applicant whether you are applying for a job or transferring to a 4 year institution.
  • Keep in mind that internships are temporary (usually occurring within a semester time frame) and can be paid or unpaid. Even more important, earning credit does not guarantee that an institution to which you transfer will accept that internship credit. Be sure to talk about this with your faculty mentor or with the transfer coordinator BEFORE you embark on an internship.

GCC offers a number of experiential learning opportunities that are different from internships. You may want to try one of these, such as a job shadow or a service learning project, before you arrange an internship. Here is a list of GCC’s working definitions for experiential learning: Clarify with your faculty mentor which you are doing:

Experiential Learning at Greenfield Community College

If you have decided that an internship is for you, you will need to apply for it the way you would for a job. You will need a resume, a cover letter, and will need to prepare for an interview.