Preparing for an internship is a lot like preparing for a job search; you will need to have a resume for your prospective host or employer, as well as participate in an interview.

We are committed to helping you develop the skills necessary for a successful internship placement! The following resources can help you prepare a professional resume and polish your interviewing skills. We also encourage you to contact our career services support staff for general guidance in career exploration and counseling.

ResumesCover lettersInterviewing

First impressions make a difference.  Your resume gives an employer their first impression of you.   Controlling that moment of presentation with a well-crafted resume can create the difference between getting called for an interview and getting passed over for candidates with better-looking resumes.

Let us help you to:

  • Use templates to start writing your first resume ever – see below.
  • Mine your past experience for transferable skills (e.g. baby sitting shows a talent for supervision; retail experience suggests customer relation skills)
  • Polish up your existing or aging resume adding in your education at GCC
  • Re-tool your resume for a particular field or to target a particular job a
  • Find the resume format that best presents what you have to offer
  • Fit your entire life into a single page
  • Proof read your resume before presenting it to potential employers
  • Make your resume visually appealing
  • Create a resume that hooks the reader and makes them want to know more about you

Here are a variety of resume templates. Our students have downloaded these word documents and highlighted and changed the information. Decide which suits you best or talk to your faculty mentor, career adviser or the internship coordinator for their recommendation.


Customer Service StudentResume docxx

Engineering res sample March

Internship FunctionalResume

Resume2 sample

INternshipResume Format Management Executive Traditional

Employers receive hundreds of resumes.  A well-written cover letter makes the employer’s job that much easier and will be preferred over a bare resume stuffed into an envelope and mailed.  A good cover letter communicates a level of professionalism that places your resume above the resumes of other candidates, even before it is read.

Our staff can help you to achieve this rewarding status by helping you compose a professional and attractive cover letter.

Let us help you to:

  • Quickly get your job application in front of the right person at a company.
  • Demonstrate proper letter-writing technique to your future employer
  • Create a professional impression that gets more attention paid to your resume
  • Highlight specific parts of your resume and give them more weight
  • Show employers that you go beyond the bare requirements of the job (or job application)
  • Harness the power of writing to get what you want (e.g. an interview, a job, admission to a 4-year college)

Below are some samples of cover letters. These are in pdf form for you to review. Naturally your cover letter will be specific to the internship to which you are applying. Keep it focused on the internship description. A concise one page cover letter will more likely be read.

Cover Letter Samples

Many people fear the interview.  But getting an interview means you are a finalist for a job.  That’s not something to fear, that’s something to be proud of!

Interviewing effectively and successfully requires a bundle of different skills, but most of all it requires confidence in yourself.  After all, if you don’t think and act as if you can do the job, why should an employer think you can do it?

Let us help you to:

  • Put your experiences and qualification into practiced words
  • Learn how to best tell your story to others
  • Develop eye contact and hand-shaking skills
  • Improve your public speaking abilities
  • Make your visual presentation (e.g. dress) match professional expectations
  • Become aware of non-verbal communication and make it work for you
  • Overcome natural anxiety about being interviewed
  • Present employers with an opportunity to hire you that they can’t refuse